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Serving The Aircheck World From Irvine, CA:
--Trading Rules
--My Airchecks
--FM Tapeables
--Trading Rules

Please only make dubs in real time for me.

For cassette tapes, I use Maxell or TDK tapes.  Please don't send me anything other than Maxell or TDK.  If you don't have any Maxell or TDK tapes in your area, I'm sure we can work out something.

If you have never traded with me before, please send out the tapes I request FIRST.  Then, I will send out the tapes you requested when I get yours in the mail.  This rule is in place only because there are dishonest traders out there.  Please do not take this personally.

I would be another one of those no cassette case traders.  Please don't send me the cassette case.  You keep yours and I will keep mine.  I do this because, this saves on shipping.

Since I do not accept cassette cases, please make sure you ship the tapes in padded mailers.  That makes sure the cassette or cassettes don't get broken in the mail.

Please use new cassettes when you send me airchecks.  If you send me used ones, that means one of two things:  
1) You don't care
2) The tape will not last as long as a new one would

When you do a trade with me, please write down the station info on a label and stick it to the tape.  I will do the same with the tape or tapes you request unless you tell me otherwise.

Please include the following on the label:
Call Sign, DJ, Month date and year (xx-xx-xx) and any special info (if room)
Example: Station's last day, stations first day, etc.
If you'd like to trade with me, please email me at:

Please keep the words "Aircheck Trade" in the
title of the email and
also replace (at) with @ symbol.