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The Sound File

Above is a jingle sound file of KSEM-AM 1470 Moses Lake, Washington.
The date of it is around 1974.
Thank you to Larry Holtz for the jingles.  More of the jingles will be on in the coming months.

Reel To Reel


I don't do much trading this days, but I still have my airchecks!  I'm very much into the music side at the moment.  It's amazing how much great music I have missed from the 50s through the 80s!

Hello and welcome to my aircheck trading page! I am a collector of radio airchecks and this page shows the items I have.  Airchecks are recordings of radio stations.  Some recordings contain entire broadcasts and some have only DJ patter and a few jingles. If the recording features complete songs, commercials, jingles, and DJ patter, it is an "unscoped" aircheck.  If the recording is edited in any way, it is a "scoped" aircheck. 

I trade with other collectors for airchecks (or other radio related items--see below aircheck want list) on my want list or for others that are not on my want list. I am interested in mostly any unscoped airchecks, but on occasion I will accept scoped airchecks if they are on my want list. I'm especially looking for:

Unscoped or scoped airchecks from:
1) Los Angeles Radio Stations
2) Top 40 stations from the US & Canada from 1955 to 1980
3) Arizona radio stations from the 1950's to the 1990's
4) Washington State
5) KSEM-AM Moses Lake, WA 
6) Moses Lake, WA Airchecks
7) MOR Airchecks from anywhere
8) KOY-AM Phoenix from the 1950's to 1990
9) Small Town Radio Stations
10) Gordon Hojem
11) Ray Hojem
12) KKOK Lompoc, CA
13) KNEZ Lompoc, CA
14) KZON Santa Maria, CA
15) KJRB Spokane, WA
16) KEZY Anaheim, CA
17) Victoria B.C.
18) Beautiful Music from any station, any time
19) Easy listening from any time, any station
20) KGIL Los Angeles, CA
21) KIEV Los Angeles, CA
22) KJET Seattle, WA
23) Dancin' Danny Wright from Pacific Northwest
24) KNX-FM from 1960's to 1990's
25) Michael Levine shows from KRLA-AM Los Angeles
26) KYYX-FM Seattle Pre-modern rock
27) 910 AM Hesperia, CA  NO CURRENTS please or ABC  
28) KMEO AM/FM Phoenix while under beautiful music
29) KRML Carmel, CA
Other wanted miscellaneous radio jingles and items: 
1) An actual pressed or burned CD copy of KenR's jingle
    package #CK-21 aka KHJ: Cracking The Vault
    Volume I (1)
2) Clean non-internet copy of TM's Summer Song
3) Clean non-internet copy of Tuesday Production's
    and/or TM's Rhythm of the City package resung to say
    Rhythm of the Southland
4) A clean non-internet copy of the Listen To Your City
    KFMB San Diego Custom 1976 Produced by Dick
5) Any clean non-internet jingles or jingle packages that
    were made by Tuesday Productions for KHJ Los Angeles
6) A pressed or burned CD copy of KenR's jingle package
    #M-33 Classic TM: The 70s Volume I (1)

to go to where all of my airchecks are listed
I also offer tapeables.  You may trade for tapes that I have in my collection and/or new tapes of local radio stations that I can receive.
If you have never traded with me before please read my
before you email me to start a trade

This page was last updated on:
July 29, 2009

To trade with me, please email me at:

Please keep the words "Aircheck Trade" in the
title of the email and
also replace (at) with @ symbol.