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Below are my airchecks.  First,
+ Means A New Just Added Aircheck
# Means I taped the aircheck myself
My Grading system for the quality of my airchecks are:
Studio - Recorded right off the board at a radio station or from a tape that was recorded right off the board at a radio station
Excellent - The aircheck is not a studio one but everying sounds clean, no drop-outs, etc.
Good - Not as good as Excellent.  Sound volume might be low.  The tape might have been recorded off of an old reel or the tape might have been copied too many times or the tape might have been made while traveling.
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And Now The Airchecks:

 WSGN-AM:  Rick Dees  Birmingham  5/75  Excellent  3m  Scoped  Top 40
KFAR-AM:  Don McCune  Fairbanks  1955  Good  12m  Unscoped  Talk
(Don McCune was an excellent story teller and his programs like this one, were syndicated throughout Alaska.) 
The story is about the Founding of Fairbanks
This program is complete
Don McCune  Fairbanks  1955  Good  11m  Unscoped  Talk 
The program is called The plane crash of Wiley Post and Will Rogers.
This program is complete

+KAHM-FM:  Prescott  4/26/02  Good  90m  Unscoped  B/EZ
+1/18/03  Good  90m  Unscoped  B/EZ 
This tape conatins that sign-on of the station for the 18th.  They are on the air from 6am to 12midnight everyday.
+KAZG-AM:  No DJ  Scottsdale/Phoenix  6/17/02  Good  45m  Unscoped  Oldies
KBUX-FM:  Buck Burdette  Quarzsite  1/02  Good  60m  Unscoped 
Easy Listening-not BM  Volume is low
(What is so special about this station is the it is one of the last
"Mom and Pop" radio stations left in the U.S. 
And they play records, not CD's. 
They play songs songs that you may or may not have heard before.)
KFNX-AM:  RTR Live in the Mix  Phoenix  2/02  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Techno
(This tape is mostly Techno.  ID'd as Revolution Radio KFNX.  Towards the end of the tape the mixer comes on and talks for about 30 seconds and the music continues.  There are no commercials on this tape. Recorded sometime after midnight.)
KMLE-FM:  Ben and Brian's Final Show  Phoenix  5/17/02  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  New Country  Aircheck on CD
(This is Ben and Brian's last 60 minutes on the air at KMLE-FM.  They play some comedy bits and play some country music.  Great aircheck.)
KMXP-FM:  KMXP-FM to AC Mix 96.9  Phoenix  9/4/98  Excellent  45m  Unscoped
KLZI-FM:  No DJ  Phoenix  8/84  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  AC
This aircheck last taken when KLZI was only weeks old
KOPA-FM:  Unknown DJ  Scottsdale  8/84  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  CHR
This aircheck is on CD.
(KOY was not a normal MOR station, they played many songs each hour, not like the KARK aircheck below in Arkansas)
 KOY-AM:  Alan Chilcoat  Phoenix  03/12/82  Excellent (But Low Volume)  60m  Unscoped  MOR
Bill Heywood  Phoenix  09/20/77  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  MOR  (Part # 1)
Bill Heywood  Phoenix  09/20/77  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  MOR  (Part # 2)
Bill Heywood  Phoenix  07/09/81  Excellent  54m  Unscoped  MOR
Bill Heywood  Phoenix  10/29/82  Good  30m  Unscoped  MOR
Jim Spero  Phoenix  11/11/82  Good  30m  Unscoped  MOR
KOY-AM Jingles:  KOY Custom 1971 (the year) Phoenix  Excellent  PAMS Productions 15m
(Note: I don't own the rights to these jingles.  "PAMS"(r) is a registered service mark of PAMS Productions Inc. Dallas, TX.)
KPTY-FM:  Phoenix  1/1/00  First day of format  45m  Unscoped  CHR
+KRIZ:  Bumber Morgan  Last show  6/1/78  60m  Unscoped  Top 40  Fair
KTAR-AM:  KTAR Birthday Special  Phoenix  6/20/02  Excellent  Unscoped  120m
(This is the entire KTAR Birthday special.  This is two hours of KTAR's history including sound bites, history and other things.)
KUET-AM:  Jockless for about 30 minutes  Black Canyon City/Phoenix  2/12/02  Good  Unscoped  Oldies
(KUET had stunted for about 8 months.  This is the sign on from the stunting to the regular format.  The new format was ABC Satellite Network Oldies.  ABC had the music and DJ's.  There is no local programing, just ID's after the stunting.)


KARK-AM:  Norman Brooks  Little Rock  5/19/71  90m  DX'ed  Unscoped  MOR  
(Normal MOR aircheck/Lots of talk, about 5 songs on this tape. Promos on what the terms of golf are. Good songs though.)

KABC-FM:  Larry Miller  Los Angeles  3/71  Good+  45m  Unscoped  Progressive
(KABC-FM was going to become KLOS-FM two weeks later and it did.  The format stayed the same with the DJ's.)
KABL-FM:  Joe Hughes  San Francisco  8/22/90  Good  30m  Unscoped  Soft AC  (Some problem with the aircheck the last few minutes - sound)
KBLA-AM:  Bob Dayton  Los Angeles   08/66  Good  14m  Unscoped  Top 40 (The Songs Have Been Inserted)
 KFWB: Bill Ballance  Los Angeles  12/02/61  Excellent  39m  Unscoped Top 40  
(The Songs Have Been Inserted)
Reb Foster  Los Angeles  04/66  Excellent  Scoped  Top 40
Bob Hudson  Los Angeles  07/67  Good  22m  Unscoped
(Internet Dub)  MOR

           Wink Martindale  Los Angeles  2/18/67  Excellent    30m   Unscoped  (Final 30 minutes of Wink on KFWB)  Top 40
Don McKinnon  Los Angeles  4/65  Excellent  13m  Scoped  Top 40 

     Gary Owens  Los Angeles   6/26/62  Good  16m   Unscoped  Top 40  
(The Songs Have Been Inserted)

            Gary Owens  Los Angeles    11/11/72  Excellent    60m   Unscoped  
(KMET Los Angeles presents "KFWB, The Glory Years" On KMET Los Angeles) Oldies
Gene Weed  Los Angeles  11/23/58  Good  30m  Unscoped  Top 40
Joe Yocam  Los Angeles  3/12/62  Excellent  32m  Unscoped  Top 40  
(The Songs Have Been Inserted)
KGIL-AM:  Earthquake Coverage  San Fernando  2/9/71  Excellent  32m  Scoped  Talk
(This was taken off of a record KGIL made in 1972 of their Earthquake coverage in 1971.  This starts just after the earthquake hits and goes through the day and into the night.)
+Ken Griffen  San Fernando  11/14/70  Excellent  30m  Somewhat scoped  MOR
+Ken Griffen  San Fernando  9/28/71  Excellent  30m  Somewhat scoped  MOR
+Ken Griffen  San Fernando  9/4/72  Excellent  30m  Somewhat scoped  MOR
+Ken Griffen  San Fernando  8/31/73  Excellent  30m  Somewhat scoped  MOR
Dick Whittington  San Fernando  9/29/78  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  MOR
KGRB-AM+Lyman & Jan  West Covina  5/6/95  Good  60m  Big Bands Unscoped
NBC's All Star Parade of Bands  New Year's Eve Broadcast  West Covina  12/31/94  Good  300m  Big bands
(This was a special New Year's eve broadcast of a big band new years program originally broadcast on the NBC radio network on December 31, 1961.  It was of famous big bands of the 40's and 50's.  Nothing was re-made.  Everything was taken from the original broadcasts in the 40's and 50's.  Less than a year after this was made, the station switched formats and became a Spanish station.)

 KHJ:    Robert W. Morgan  Los Angeles  8/65 Excellent  30m   Unscoped  (Cruisin' 1965 CD)  Top 40

Dick Whittington  Los Angeles  4/4/83  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  Oldies/Top 40  
(A few cut outs, but not copied off of the internet-Normal Whittington style of radio)
KIIS-FM: Rick Dees  Los Angeles  8/26/81  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  Top 40/MOR
  (They were playing Top 40 at that time, just lighter Top 40 songs.)
Rick Dees  Los Angeles  8/16/90  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Top 40
(At this time, they were broadcasting on AM and FM.)
+KIKF-FM:  Wally George  Garden Grove  1999  Studio  120m  Somewhat scoped  Talk/County 
KIQQ-FM: Jeff Thomas/G.W. McCall  Los Angeles  4/12/85  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  AC
+KLAC:  Format change from stunting to Standards  Los Angeles  12/12/02  Good  60 minutes  Unscoped  Standards
+KLOS:  Joseph Cleary & Dan Lennax  Los Angeles  4/12/71 35m  AOR/Talk

 KMET:  Gary Owens  Los Angeles  11/11/72  Excellent  Oldies   60m    Unscoped  (KMET Los Angeles presents "KFWB, The Glory Years" On KMET) Oldies
KMGG-FM:  Laurie Allen  Los Angeles  7/85  Excellent  CHR/AC  90m  Unscoped
KMPC-AM:   Geoff Edwards  Los Angeles  11/13/78  Excellent  MOR  45m  Unscoped

 KNX-AM:  Bob Crane  Los Angeles  2/15/58  Excellent  14m  Unscoped  (5th Anniversary Show, plays an exerpt of an interview with Pat Boone & George Jessel.  Bob also does a skit with Jonathan Winters and another with Mel Blanc)
+News  Los Angeles  4/15/70  Good  30 minutes  Unscoped
(this was taken during the all news format)
KNX-FM:  Dave Hall  Los Angeles  7/12/82  Good 45m  Unscoped  Mellow Rock
Michael Sheehy  Los Angeles  9/21/76  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  Mellow Rock
Michael Sheehy  Los Angeles  8/25/83  Good  45m  Unscoped
(This tape contains the last few songs of mellow rock 
KNX-FM, the KNX-FM retrospective, and the format switch to
CHR/Top 40 KKHR-FM.  The first DJ is Todd Parker.)
China Smith  Los Angeles  3/19/88  Excellent  90m  Unscoped 
Soft Rock/Oldies   (After you listen to this tape you can tell why they later switched formats)
Unknown DJ  Los Angeles  6/2/88  Excellent  30m  Unscoped  Soft Rock/Oldies
KNX-FM (Soft Rock) to KODJ-FM (Oldies) 2/3/89 - Format Switch -  Rich Fields  Excellent  60m Unscoped
KOLA-FMKevin Machado  San Bernardino  8/28/00  Good  60m  Unscoped  Oldies  Part 1 # (There is static in both parts 1 and 2)
Kevin Machado  San Bernardino  8/28/00  Good  60m  Unscoped  Oldies  Part 2 #
+KPIG:  Ellie May  Freedom  12/29/01  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  AAA
KRLA-AM:  45 minutes of KRLA-AM at 1110 AM.  (KRLA had been talk and it switched to KSPN sports talk.  11/30/2000.  This is just talk, there is NO music played.  This tape captures the end of KRLA 1110 and the begining of KSPN.  A year later, the call letters show up at cross town KIEV and KIEV becomes KRLA 870 AM.) 
Good  unscoped  45m #
I have assorted Michael Levine shows on KRLA from October  2001 to February 2002 on cassette which range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes long.  Some are internet dubs made by me and others are ones right off the AM dial made by me.  The quality is not great though.
Scoped and Unscoped  #
KRLH-AM:  Jockless  San Bernardino 1/6/02  Good  90m  Unscoped  Old Radio Moments
(At points in the tape, there is no audio because of a bad connection from their studio which is about 40 miles from their tower.  The tape contains various old radio moments from the Hindinburg to Bill Clinton.  It is a stunt tape.  They are now relaying KRLA 870 in the Inland Impire.) 
+KRML-AM:  Chaz  Carmel  8/15/02  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  Jazz
George Fuller  Carmel  8/14/02  Studio  60m  Unscoped   Jazz# This tape was recorded by George onto the cassette I have right off the air.  This is in stereo.
KRTH-FM:  Dan Ingram  Los Angeles  6/24/98  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Oldies
(Dan was live at the KRTH studios for one week for a trial to see if he would get the morning drive position after Robert W. Morgan passed away.
Dan Ingram  Los Angeles  6/25/98  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Oldies
(This tape is the next day)
+KSUR-AM:  Geoff Edwards  First day on air   Beverly Hills/Los Angeles  2/3/03  90m  Unscoped  Standards
(The second side is a bit fuzzy)
KUCI-FM:   Unknown DJ  Irvine  10/1969  Good  10m  Partially Scoped  Top 40  This aircheck is on CD
(This is the first on-air test of local station KUCI-FM.  You will not find this tape anywhere else.  This is a test tape.  It's full of many legal ID's, one full song and some bits of songs.)
KYSR-FM:  "STAR 98.7"  New Year's Eve 2001  Los Angeles  12/31/01  Excellent  90m  Unscoped # 
(They count down the top songs from the 1990's into 2002.  The count down to 2002 and the New Year is included)
MISC. California material:
San Deigo history
This was narrated by "Shot Gun" Tom Kelly and was broadcast on KCBQ during morning and evening drive.   The stations included are KOGO, KDEO, KPRI-FM, KGB-AM, KFWB-FM (B-100) and KCBQ-AM.   These contain history and some small scoped airchecks and jingles.   Also a
K-EARTH (KRTH Los Angeles)  101 1999 station scoped composite.


 WDRC-AM:  Ron Landry  Hartford  11/11/64  Excellent   17m   Unscoped
(Also Does a bit with Stan Freberg)  (The Songs Have Been Inserted)

WMRD/WLIS-AM:  Bob Muscatell  Middletown  1/7/02  45m  Unscoped  Oldies/Talk

WRCH-FM:  Joe Hann  New Britain/Hartford  1/7/02  45m  Unscoped  Soft AC


WQAM:  Gene Weed  Miami  7/23/57  Excellent  24m  Unscoped  
(The Songs Have Been Inserted)

WGCY-FM:   No DJ  Gibson City  2001  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  Beautiful Music
 WLS-AM:   Kris Erik Stevens  Chicago  11/70  Excellent  40m  Unscoped (Cruisin 1970 CD, but NOT a reenacted aircheck, this is an actual aircheck, the songs are stereo and the aircheck too like the AFVN aircheck below.)

WMMC-FM:  J. D. Spangler  Marshall  1/3/02  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  
WXRT-FM:  DJ to be found out  Chicago  7/7/02  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  AAA


 WAGO:  David Letterman  Muncie  4/1/69  Good  5m  Scoped  
(This is the same David Letterman from Late Night with David Letterman &
The Late Show with David Letterman when he was at Ball State University.  WAGO was the college station.  This includes a comedy bit done with his wife.)

WCBH-FM: Unknown DJ  Terre Haute  1/1/02  Excellent  45m   Unscoped  Soft AC
WWMD-FM:  Jim Titus  Hagerstown  8/3/00  Excellent  80m  Unscoped  Beautiful Music  This aircheck is on CD

 WMEX-AM:  Arnie Ginsburg  Boston  02/61  Excellent  33m  Unscoped  (Cruisin 1961 CD)


 WIL-AM:  Jack Carney  St. Louis  08/58  Excellent  33m  Unscoped  (Cruisin 1958 CD)
KOMC-FMJanet Ellis  Branson  1/18/02  Excellent  90m  Unscoped Standards
KJUL-FM:  Scott O'Neil  Las Vegas  3/4/02  Excellent  60m  Unscoped

New York

 WABC-AM:  Charlie Greer  New York City  8/5/69  Excellent  29m  Unscoped  Internet Dub
(One of his last famous All Night Shows, features some Dennison's Clothing Spots)
composite  New York City  1/18-21/79  Good  45m  Scoped 
Top 40/AC
WCBS-FM:  Don K. Reed  & The Doo-Wop shop   New York  8/11/02  Excellent  100m  Unscoped  Doo-wop  (This is the third to last show of the Doo-Wop shop on WCBS-FM.)
WHTT-FM:  Harv Moore  Buffalo  2/25/02  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  Oldies  Part 1
(This is the same Harv Moore from WPGC Washington D.C. fame)
Harv Moore  Buffalo  2/25/02  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  Oldies  Part 2

 WKBW-AM: Dick Biondi  Buffalo  6/59  Good  3m  Scoped  Top 40
(This is the oldest actual Dick Biondi aircheck I've ever seen.)
WKTU-FM:  Composite  New York City  2/9-12/79  Excellent  45m  Scoped  Disco
WMCA-AM:  B. Mitchell Reed  New York  1963  Excellent
(Cruisin' 1963 CD) 

 WNBC-AM:  Cousin Bruce Morrow  New York City  1/7/76  Excellent  13m  Scoped
+WWKB-AM:  Jack Armstrong  Buffalo  1/27/03  Good  90m  Unscoped  Oldies


 WOHO:  Ken R. Deutsch  Toledo  2/17/76  Studio  2m  Scoped
(This is the same KenR that owns his own jingle company:
+WSTB-FM:  Norm N Nite  Streetsboro  Excellent  11/24/02  120m   Unscoped  Oldies
(Contains songs, old clips of airchecks, talk.  Great tape.)
KKRZ-FM:  Jockless  Portland  3/15/02  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Top 40  # (This is when they had the so called "Format Change."  This is an internet copy made by me.  Contains the last songs on Z100 and the songs after the slogan change.)
KKSN-FM:  Glynn Shannon  Portland  2/19/02  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Oldies
KSTE-FM:  Unknown DJ  Portland  2/7/02  Excellent  45m   Unscoped  Modern AC


 WAMO-AM:  Porky Chedwick  Pittsburgh 1954-61  Excellent  41m  Unscoped  (Cruisin With Porky Chedwick, he is a real legend and even though this is a reenactment, it's still a great aircheck.)
WLSW-FM:  Porky Chedwich & Dave Rammer  Scottdale  6/30/02  Excellent  90m  Unscoped
(The music format for this show is the music the Porky played when he was at WAMO-AM.)
WWSH-FM:  Nelson Hobdell  Philadelphia  3/5/76  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  Beautiful Music


 WHBQ-AM:  Dewey Phillips  Memphis  1952-1964  Good  60m  Unscoped  (This is an unscoped composite of Dewey Phillips from 1952-1964, songs are unscoped)

KAAM-AM:  Don Keys  Dallas  12/26/01  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  Standards/Oldies
WBAP-AM:  DJ to be found out  Fort Worth/Dallas  5/20/01  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  Talk
KKJW-FM:  No DJ  Midland  1/27/02  Excellent  90m  Unscoped
Country from now and then/Classic country
KSEM-FM/KIKZ-AM:  DJ to be found out  Seminole  5/02  Good  90m  Unscoped
(Both of these airchecks were recorded on the AM side 70 to 80 miles away.  One was recorded from AM Long Wave, the other, on a normal AM radio.)
DJ to be found out  Seminole  5/2002  Good  90m  Unscoped
KXOL-AM:  Kent Burkhart  Ft. Worth  11/55  Good  4m  Scoped
KXOL-AM:  Brent Larson  Brigham City  7/2/02  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  50's and early 60's oldies

+KJET-AM:  The Unknown Announcer (That's really his name!)/Lars  Seattle  1982  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  Modern Rock
KJR-AM:  Pat O' Day  Seattle  7/66  Excellent  35m  Unscoped  Top 40  
(Cruisin 1966 CD)
+KJR Countdown of the top 1969 songs into New Year's  12/13/69  Unscoped Good  Top 40
Gary Lockwood's Police Blotter  Seattle  Late 1970's  Good  90m
(Gary Lockwood had a feature on his show called Police Blotter.  Listeners would send in true funny stories to him and he would read them on the air.  This tape is a compilation of many Police Blotter segments throughout the late 70's.)
KJR-FM:  Charlie Brown, Ty Flint and Mary White  Seattle  4 hours  Excellent but somewhat low volume  Unscoped 
(Charlie's last radio show.  Lots of scoped airchecks played and famous Seattle disc jockies call in.  Tapes are 60 minutes each.  Parts 1,2,3,4)   
Jerry Kaye  Seattle  12/16/94  Excellent  90m  Unscoped  70's oldies

KNEW-AM:  Larry Lujack  Spokane  7/63  Excellent  12m  Unscoped  Top 40  
(The Songs have been inserted, but a great aircheck)
Dick Moran  Spokane  5/11/60  Excellent  19m  Scoped  Top 40
+KOL-AM:  Robert O Smith  Seattle  1/4/69  Excellent  30m  Unscoped  Top 40
KPLZ-FM:  Jack Elliott/Dave Barber  Seattle  11/83  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  AC

KXLY-AM:  Wolfman Jack  Spokane  12/75  Excellent  54m  Unscoped  Oldies  
(A great live oldies show broadcast for the good people of Spokane)
The Real Don Steele  Spokane  6/63  Excellent  20m  Unscoped  Top 40  (Songs have been inserted, but great aircheck)
KYYX-FM:  Debby Payne/Damien (AKA Mike Stein)  Seattle  1983  Excellent  60m  Unscoped  Alternative
+WXPY1610:  Agfarmation Radio  George  4/27/02  Excellent  14m  Unscoped  Agriculture  The May radio loop 
(This is a low power radio station in the town of George.  This is a pre recorded loop they play 24/7.  It's changed every few weeks.) 
The Rest of The World
CFQR-FM:  Lete Polson  Montreal  4/29/02  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  Lite Rock
CJFM-FM:  Andre Maisanneuve  Montreal  4/30/02  Excellent  45m  Unscoped  CHR
CKLG-AM:  Don Stevens  Vancouver  8/20/77  Good +  90m  Unscoped
Top 40/MOR

 AFVN:  Jim Amross  Siagon  10/70  Excellent  38m  Unscoped  Top 40  (This is a remastered real aircheck, with the songs and aircheck in stereo quality.  The exact same thing was done with the Cruisin 1970 WLS aircheck above.)